Portable and stationary instruments
for gas emission measurements.

maMoS stationary gas analyser – a class of its own – small, modular CEMS for process control and emission measurements. Would you like to know more?
Small in size, yet very skilful analyser is our alternative for large, intricate CEMS systems.
Thanks to the modular construction, and many available add-ons it may be adjusted to a very specific individual application. Whatever you require, simple and economic or advanced and powerful, maMoS analyser suits your needs.
It can be equipped with up to 4 gas sensors (in unique configurations even more) from wide range of available sensors (both electrochemical and NDIR).
Powerful PC software allows to adjust many aspects of the work with the analyser very individually (work schedule, analogue outputs' behaviour, data presentations, and more...)
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Portable gas analyser equipped with NDIR gas sensors. Find out more about our Photon analyser.
Photon Photon
Photon – State-of-the-art device equipped with NDIR sensors (madur own design and production sensors), it uses the same measurement techniques as large, professional CEMS systems, and is ideal as a backup system, and control equipment for those.
Double thermal stabilisation (for the entire casing and for each sensor separately) provides unprecedented steadiness and accuracy of the measurements.
Large 6'' VGA (640x480) colourful touchscreen in easy and clear way presents the measurement results (in text and graphical form). Powerful industrial-type PC-104 computer makes the work with the analyser easy and convenient.
Find out more about:  Photon
A family of portable gas analysers equipped with electrochemical cells. Read about our best-seller over the years: GA-21plus analyser.
GA-21plus is our one of the best selling devices of all time. Our customers value it for durability, accuracy and most of all for its reliability.
Rich pallet of optional equipment makes it easy to adjust to individual needs. It is possible to select up to 7 industrial type (heavy-load, long life-time) electrochemical cells accompanied with up to 2 madur NDIR sensors (all sensors measure simultaneously).
Measurement results can be printed instantly on the built-in printer and/or processed later-on on the PC computer with madur madCom PC software into advanced report.
Find out more about:  GA-12GA-12plusGA-21plusGA-40TplusGA-60
Full size CEMS monitors: CMS-7, Photon S. Meet our newest Photon S monitor equipped with NDIR sensors.
CEMS monitors CEMS monitors
Stationary Photon S is a younger brother of the portable NDIR analyser.
Adjusted to fit 19'' rack, complex CEMS system that consists of 3 modules: gas conditioner, measurement unit and control unit.
Multiple analogue outputs (to control external devices), analogue inputs (to control Photon S behaviour from external devices) are at user's disposal.
Measurement unit can be fitted with up to 9 NDIR sensors supplemented with electrochemical sensors (for gases unmeasurable with NDIR sensors).
Our offer for CEMS completes CMS-7 gas monitor, based mainly on the electrochemical cells.
Find out more about:  CMS-7Photon S
Gas conditioning units, stationary and portable gas dryers. Check out our PGD-100 sample conditioner.
Gas conditioning units Gas conditioning units
PGD-100 portable gas conditioner equipped with heated gas hose and probe pipe along with several filters is a perfect solution for preparation of gas sample for gas analysers.
Always accompanies our state-of-the-art NDIR analyser Photon.
Is equipped with two-stage cooling system (dryers based on the Peltier element, or NAFION® material) to achieve best drying efficiency.
Find out more about:  PGD-100MD3MGS65 Sampling system
Gas probes, filtering systems, heated hoses – you name it, we will have it. Look at the stationary probe with stainless steel filter.
Probes, filtering systems, heated lines Probes, filtering systems, heated lines
Gas probe pipe designed especially for stationary measurement.
Equipped with:
  • ANSI flange holder,
  • Sintered, stainless steel filter with cleaning option,
  • temperature measurement.
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NDIR gas sensors. Learn more about madur own design and production non-dispersive infrared sensor.
NDIR sensors NDIR sensors
We design and produce NDIR sensors for different gases. Sensors are installed in almost all of our analysers, but they can also work as a standalone, autonomous devices.
We also offer our sensors as a OEM solutions to be installed in customers' devices.
Find out more about:  NDIR sensors
Customised solutions. Looking for non-standard hardware/software option? Ask us how fast we can do it for you.
Customised solutions Customised solutions
If you have an application where a non-standard solution is required to use, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very open for customers needs and suggestions (both in software and hardware layers).
Most of our currently standard solutions came from, sometimes, very unusual inquiries.
One of our strengths is flexibility towards our customers and their needs.



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